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We fail fast and we learn fast, with Confidence.
Now you can too.

Great ideas become great products through iterations.

Daniel Ek, CEO and founder of Spotify
At Spotify, experimentation lets us know what works and helps us understand why some things don't.

We don't just trust our gut.
We test it, with Confidence.

We identify our best ideas with A/B tests.

With a scientific approach to product evaluation, we make product decisions backed by data. A/B tests help us unveil the trade-offs we have to make.

We ship safely with Rollouts.

Detailed monitoring results and alerts inform us when we unintentionally introduce regressions, and let us instantly roll back.

What is Confidence?

Confidence is an experimentation platform by Spotify.
It helps you run experiments and make data-informed decisions throughout your entire business.

Get to know Confidence

A complete
experimentation platform.
Designed for all,
regardless of expertise.

comment, review.

Confidence makes it easier for teams to run experiments together.

  • Review your experiments like code
  • Comment on experiment setups
  • Control the access level

Startup or enterprise.
1,000 users or a billion. Confidence helps you build better products.

Everything you need to
grow an experimentation culture.

Start your movement.

A core belief at Spotify is that the biggest value from experimentation comes from a team that starts to experiment. Start your movement and adopt Confidence across your entire organization.
Experimentation culture
Want to experiment like Spotify?
Self-serve onboarding that scales.

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